Joy Lenz (WordPresident #17)

Digging my grave with a spoon and fork
A shovel looks like a spoon
A rake looks like a fork
But this the spoon I use to stab the cereal with before eating it
This the fork I use to put 4 bullet holes in the film on the Salisbury steak to vent it
Sausage party at my tombstone
Pepperoni face at my tombstone
Cheesing hard by my tombstone
Sausage party at my tombstone
But it ain’t nothing pineapple about that because onions on my tombstone
And they ain’t cheesing hard by my tombstone
To you little caesars, call her pepperoni face one more time, you all fall like dominoes
Wash ‘em with a clean punch
Sounds like the kind of prom Papa John would Red Baron
My baby gotta be fly all around, shit
But if you make me a granddaddy before I turn 80 you forever groun…ded
Give Kunta Kinte your feet
Whip ya like JC After D
I knew I should’ve put your ass on B.C.
Ohh Lawd! Got me failing the spelling bee
I was just teaching you how to say your ABC’s
Went from being my apple head to being somebody’s apple bottom
But you cumming and not leaving is the problem
I got ‘em
I solve ‘em with solutions on a so-so loot man
I salute and ask for bigger problems only if God him got him and it comes with that So-So loot man
Money is a thang, Black accent
Money is a thing, white accent
Money is a tink, Irish accent
Depending on the denomination I sound different putting my money where my mouth is
Shout this … oh no! You have AirPods on and can’t hear me
Strangle you with my EarPods to see which will be the first to fall out near me
Fear me, keyboard warriors think they tough as leather and can get me from Curry long distance
Until I bounce and travel to where they lay up and show ‘em what a real currier is man
Flurries of hits bam
Do you even remember what I said earlier listen?
I’m bringing the beef to your front door
The crust to your backdoor
When I’m done you gone have to Dodo out your side-door
No more locked doors
I’m joking, this now a bad neighborhood
Took a L in your homes, essay in the papers sug-
-ar made him open up, swollen shut, tried to spit out the bitterness, silliness, it’s too late fam’
The walls closed in on the Kool-Aid man
Not a repeat of events what I’m saying
First the glass was everywhere
Then the red liquid is everywhere
First the glass was everywhere
Then the red liquid is everywhere
That’s two ways planned
Two-face scram
Gym and I? Outta here!


One thought on “Joy Lenz (WordPresident #17)”

  1. I do realize I spelled it with one S this time. Looks cleaner.

    I wrote this before WP16. I only switched them because I wanted to use a pic of my ovened (new word) Tombstone pizza. But I ate it before I realized, “ohhhhh.” I like this new writing style of mines. Just free-form at the beginning then rhyming towards the end. The repetition. Although, I wasn’t showing my knack for wordplay when I first started blogging I always been like this. I been writing forever which is why I lasted so long on here. WordPress didn’t start anything. I had books of raps, songs, poetry, and comedy before I signed up for this. On a good day you can catch me talking in rhythms.

    The first line comes from Stephen King’s thriller. I built everything atop of that. I just loved how that line sound and my mind just started to clickety click. I remember seeing the movie when I was a teenager but don’t think I saw it until completion. So, it was only right I used something associated with the movie with this, which is an prettiest photo I found of Bethany Joy Lenz. I was blown away by how gorgeous she was in the movie and reminded her parts so many times just to stare at her. Her middle and last name is dope. Think about it. “Joy Lenz.” To me, it says, something you enJOY looking at in detail so you put on your LENses. And that fit perfectly with how much I kept rewinding all her scenes for her facial expressions.

    And oh, the movie was good too!


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