Chicken Sexer

Raw chicken
Or a white couple on a mission
The drumsticks are her legs wrapped around his waist
As if she’s trying to keep his pants on, haha, too little, too late

The bottom where the cockerel at
Because in 4 minutes the bun in the oven taking the top rack
The oven window fogged up
Opening the door will get ya hot and bothered

Roast chicken
Or a black couple in position
The wings are her arms wrapped around his back
The nails dig in when it’s time to eat, fruit roll-up tongue looking like a snack

Somebody done ate too much
Now you gotta unbutt, unbutt, unbutt
Somebody took many many licks
Now you gotta unzip, unzip, unzip
Somebody had too much sauce
Why don’t you just take your pants off, off, off

YouTube update in comments


One thought on “Chicken Sexer”

  1. First off, wow, starting to really hate WordPress. I looked at this post in my web-browser and they have a banner ad RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF MY POST BEFORE THE LAST SECTION WHICH MESSES UP THE FLOW. Smfh

    YouTube Update: Unfortunately, I only published two videos so far this month after posting a dozen last month. However, March is still a huge month as one of the two videos I did post is my second most-liked (574) and second most-viewed (16,000 and counting). I also gained 50+ subs. About 2 weeks ago I was at 157 and now I’m at 230. The journey to a thousand before June is a challenge but I will get there with quality posts. I’m actually about to post a new video after I write this comment. It’s a follow-up to these past 2 videos.

    Weight update: I’m in the best shape I’ve been in, in years. 25 pounds gone; still 20 more pounds away from my ideal neighborhood. I could have been chipped away some more if it wasn’t for my consistency with that crusty ass pizza from Kroger’s.


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