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The Path of Least Regret

Dear Calliope now,

Once upon a time, you believed in dreaming big. You thought you had the whole world at your fingertips and you were ready to make your presence known in this great big world. There was no dream that was too big, no future was too bright. You saw yourself in magazines and your name in lights.

Somewhere along the way, you lost faith in yourself. You let the world decide that you were not big enough for those big dreams. Or rather, you let your perception of what the world thought of you decide that for you. You never even gave yourself a chance. Once the time came for you to be fearless, you gave up because you were too scared to take chances. You were afraid of being judged.

You decided that your chance had passed you by and you just gave up. And now you feel like you will never amount to anything.


You have two choices. You stand the precipice of a great decision. Before you lie two very distinct and different paths. One is an easy road. One with few obstacles and challenges. But that road also has very few rewards. It has no beautiful sights to see along the way, no inspirational wonders or breathtaking moments to fulfill your heart`s desires. You won’t get stressed out or scared on that road, but you also will gain nothing by taking that path.

The other path is quite treacherous, with twists and turns, obstacles and frightening passageways. It`s a long road, and it will be tough to travel, but at the end, there is more to gain than you can imagine. By taking the path that frightens you, you will reach all the goals that you ever dreamed of reaching. You will see more beauty and feel more wondrous excitement than ever before. You’ve taken the easy road up until now. Can you say that you’re glad that you did?

Stand up tall. Wipe off all your fears and disillusionments of self-doubt. Shake off all insecurities and get yourself ready for a bumpy, adventurous ride. You can do it. You are good enough to live big dreams. You can make your mark on the world. It’s not too late. Your chances are not all gone. You’re not as old as you think; you’re definitely not too old to accomplish your dreams you set out to before.

I`ve travelled the difficult road, and I’ve seen and done some terrifying things. But I have absolutely no regrets. Regrets are the product of traveling the easy road. Awaken those big dreams again. Don’t give up on yourself until you’re dead in the grave. Only when your body has no more life in it should you decide your chance is gone. Until that day comes, keep dreaming as big as you can, and never be afraid to reach for those dreams. And never take the easy road.

Futuristically Yours,

Calliope then

Why You Should Keep Fighting For That Porch Swing


Calliope now,

Sitting here, next to him on the front porch swing, holding his wrinkly, hard-worked hand, I look into his deep blue eyes. Those same blue eyes you’ve stared into day after day. The eyes that have looked at you with urgent passion and other times with burning rage. And still other times they stared at you with inconsolable sadness. In those eyes, I see the whole world. My world.
Even though our hands are now a little bit more rugged and crooked, they still fit together perfectly, just as our tired old bodies still fit together like puzzle pieces when we snuggle on the couch, the way we’ve always done, night after night. Even though our bodies have changed, aged, and gotten more fragile, they still fit together as though they were made to fit perfectly together, like a key fits into a keyhole, made only for that one keyhole and none other. When we lie together like that, even though we do every night, it still feels new. It still feels like home.

Right now, you both still dream of this day when you’ll sit together on your dream home’s front porch swing, on the wrap-around porch. I’m here now, though, and it’s just as beautiful as you dream it will be.

All those little arguments you have, and all the times you make the choice to work it out, they’re all worth it. When you get here, to this porch swing, you’ll be so glad you fought for it. Every fight, every make-up, every hug, kiss and touch…those all add up to this moment in time that you look so much forward to.

He’s always gotten better looking with age. You’ve known that for a while now. He continues to do that, too. Now, with his tanned, reliable face, he looks better than ever. His mouth is still the same, with his luscious deep pink lips that cradle his perfect, white teeth. The only difference is that now it has a bit more character to it, with laugh lines that are there because of all the times you made him laugh. His deep blue eyes – are still as deep blue; except now, they are surrounded with subtle lines of worry, put there during times when you fought,  struggled through hard times, or lay awake waiting for your teenage daughter to get home safely. His face is even more handsome now because your life together has helped to shape it. Your experiences together have molded his face, with all it’s new and beautiful lines, to what it is today. Just as your life together has sculpted your own face into the mature countenance it is now, with laugh lines and worry lines he put there.

There is no greater accomplishment in my life than this…this lifelong, unconditional, unwavering love that has carried me through every up and down of my crazy life. No other friendship has meant more to me. After all the friends that have entered and exited your life, he is still the one who is by your side. He is the one friend who has known the deepest parts of you and still remained. He is the only one who never gave up on you, was always there for you, and will continue to be until his dying breath.

So, quit worrying about all those so-called friends you’ve had and lost. Don’t fret about the new ones that may come and go. Enjoy their presence while you have it, but don’t let their absence affect you negatively. Because after all is said and done, when you’re old and gray, he will still be the one friend who never let you down. He is the one friend who will be by your side on that front porch swing.

Futuristically yours,

Calliope then

Don’t Pass up A Chance to Play Barbies



Wake up! Get up off of your lazy ass and live your life! Your kids will not be kids forever. You passed up a chance to play Barbie’s with your little girl, and for what? To stare at your phone, aimlessly searching for nothing? She won’t want you to play with her forever. One day, she will hardly speak to you at all.

You’re letting your life pass you by. You’re sleeping your life away. I look back, and all I see is a bunch of missed opportunities, fleeting chances, and regrets. Get up now and do something about it before its too late! Open your eyes, see the beauty that surrounds you, stretch out your arms, and enjoy the life you have today! Stop waiting for good things to come to you and start making great things happen now! You can’t get it back. And it’ll be over before you know it.

Get down on that floor and play with your little girl. Pick up a Barbie and start to play. Play like you did when you were little. Pretend like you’re really that doll. Be silly. Make your daughter laugh hard. Let yourself laugh. It may seem simple today, but one day, it’ll mean something to both of you. And she’ll remember that her mommy always took the time to play with her. And she will love you for it.

Futuristically yours,

Calliope then