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Announcement to authors.

Futuristically Yours.

2 words but 19 letters.

14 of which, belongs to Futuristically – an adverb you probably never wrote or said (6 syllables) outside here.

So, instead of writing out Futuristically Yours (all the time) at the end of your letters, initial it with FY.



P.S. Yeah … you do still have to put a comma after the Y. Ouch! I know, I know.


Voice Of The Young

In response to Who Burnt The Popcorn Again? and to anticipate those who are camera-shy, I’m rolling out audio-self-letters.

What makes this different from video-self-letters is that you will NOT be seen, only heard.

Instead of worrying about appearance, authors using this format can just focus on their delivery.

Sometimes written language can fail us as you know from text message, Har-old. So with audio-self-letters you can hear  tones, epic pauses, emphasises, cadences, signature growls and all the other flexibilities one has with their voice. The written letter itself will accompany this format for follow-along purposes. Think of it as listening to an audio book while you follow along with it in your hands.

The last addition to this format is inspired by scenes of Ledger’s Joker in The Dark Knight: tension building music. Low background music. Preferably music without words. You know how radio personalities talk while music plays in the background. Well, that’s the idea. Think of it as a soundtrack to your letters. I bet you’re thinking about The Social Network soundtrack right now, aren’t you?

Futuristically yours,


The Balance of Life and Death

My Dearest Aezora,

Life and Death are a never ending cycle.  With one comes the other, dancing and flowing about one another like a ballet dancer on stage. Their dance is an intricate
one; the choreography new, and unknown- yet as old as time itself.  Its theory of chaos, and peace, is wrought with complexity- and unpredictability.

We have a manner of things to try to cheat death. Medicines created from plant life, animal life, synthesized to specifically treat one item or another, or life support, for one whose body can no longer sustain daily functioning, like breathing. Throughout all this, the lesson we are taught is still clear- death cannot, and will not, be cheated. He is not evil- as some believe. He is the true one, the only one, the ethereal balance between the lines we tread. Between the lines of life and death. With one step we could easily shift from one world, to the other.

During this period of your life I know you feel as if the shadow of death is creeping just beyond your field of vision. You see him and turn, only to see nothing. You can feel his presence, forever watching your every move.  Taken from you are a grandfather, and grandmother, whose lifetime of wisdoms were never fully passed on. Taken from you is a child, brought so closely to the world, to be lost before you even knew her. Taken from you is a friend, whose unconditional love made all other loss seem bearable- which now, is unbearable.

Though I know it is hard to understand now, and to believe this, their lives are not truly lost.  It doesn’t matter whether you believe in a heaven, hell, or even purgatory. They stand beside you, around you, within you- immortal within your memories of them. Call to them, remember them, they will come and in your darkest hour, provide the light that can guide you back from the depths of depression and despair.

Through you, they will live forever. Through you, they can experience a life they never were able to live. Through you, and your eyes, they can see their families grow.

Letting go is hard; but not impossible. Letting go does not mean you forget them. Letting go is an understanding  of temporary separation between you, your loss, and the powers that watch carefully over the balance which is life, and death.

Do not forget that they live within you.  When you live, you live for them. You laugh,
you cry, and you dance for them- an intricate weave of love and memories.

Do not forget- and they will live forever within you, and yours.

Always and always,

Futuristically yours,


Who Burnt The Popcorn Again?!

Remember Burnt Popcorn?

Well, I’m expanding on the idea.

For the future-selves who know their present-self hate reading and are more visually inclined, they can do video-self-letters.

Authors can either do videos for their previously written letters or videos with brand new material.

Videos shouldn’t be longer than 5 minutes.

Different presentation, same concept.

Lights. Camera. Action.

Futuristically yours,


Which Letter In Team Looks Like An I To You?

Dear Har-old,

American athlete Mia Hamm said, “I am a member of a team, and I rely on the team, I defer to it and sacrifice for it, because the team, not the individual, is the ultimate champion.”

Progress report.

Remember when I told you after I get a good lead in letters I would bring in other future-selves. Well, I have done a poor job. I have been busy but hey I’m not using that as an excuse. My job was to have other future-selves write letters and yours was to have their young-present-self read them. Unlike me, you have done a great job. It’s only been two months and Futuristically Yours has 60 subscribers. Meanwhile, I’ve only been able to find 6 other authors.

You won’t only have my letters to look forward to. I would like to introduce FY’s newest authors AezoraJennifer and Kristen. They already have letters posted. Also, look for Shae‘s resurgence.

And I know you’re calling FOUL on my Freshly Pressed Fifty Dollar Bill move. I’ll admit you got me playing catch up so I’m trying to cheat. Haha!

Now Har-old, what I’m about to say will make you think you did all that work for nothing but here it goes …

Subscribers do NOT make Futuristically Yours. Our authors do.

Now you can say I’m cheating more when I say this, but I need you to stop spending so much time getting subscribers to help me grow our authors.

Current and prospective.

I want you the first one reading and commenting on other author’s letters.

You are wasting too much time on other blogs whose author isn’t showing FY the same love back. You know who they are. No more of this!

Let’s make our authors priority.

I will still post consistently as I have been but I will start to do it strategically so our other authors will shine. For instance, if Shae post on a Tuesday and I have a letter ready to go too, I will schedule it for Wednesday instead.

Remember: Those 48 subscribers do NOT make us. The 6 authors do.

Futuristically yours,


P.S. It’s the T. Hahaha!

Freshly Pressed Fifty Dollar Bill

Dear Har-old,

The following announcement is for all authors, current and prospective, everyone except for me.

To the youngster whose future-self writes them a letter that gets featured on Freshly Pressed, I will personally pay them $50 electronically. PayPal preferred.

Now Har-old … before you attempt to hit yourself so hard that I feel it, hear me out. I’m excluding you for a reason. It will be cheating if I wrote the Freshly Pressed letter. I created this. I know the format. The “secret ingredient.” The “magic formula.” I have the most letters on here which means practice makes prefect.

It may take one letter. 12 letters. 26 letters. The number doesn’t matter. The only number that matters is 50. The $50 that will be theirs, all theirs, IF their letter is the one that gets FY (Futuristically Yours) featured on Freshly Pressed.

I will make this letter here sticky so the flying cars that come crashing through here will see this when they roll down their windows.

There is no deadline; this is an ongoing offer.

Futuristically yours,



My dearest Aezora-

I understand life seems unreal right now-

The dream world you find yourself within is chaotic and

Your reality is limited to our own imaginations…it is a
perception of the individual mind…your individual mind-

Take for example the colors of the rainbow-

It shines in shimmering brilliance after the storm…An omen
of safety –

Its colors are the basic…Red, yellow, orange, green, blue, indigo,
and violet

These colors are given a universal name, in every language a
different word, only used to identify the same color.

These colors are different however, never the same- as
unique as a finger print-

Each person sees a different hue, a different variation-Their perception creating a unique world of vibrant color, or neutral grays.

Though your own perception of reality is unique- you share
your experiences with all those you come into contact with-

Each person you walk by, stand beside, touch, speak to-

Each person you look at, or smile at, even pass by on the
interstate on the way to work in the morning is one you share reality with,
however different your perceptions.

Your experiences are similar, though interpreted differently-

It is these interpretations that separate us into our realties…into
the dream worlds we find ourselves walking through each day-

Do not be afraid to embrace this reality, this dream world.-

It is a permanent part of who you are and you cannot escape

The only way to live through it…is to accept it in its

Next time you see a rainbow, glittering in the sky after a storm remember this
letter and you will find peace is a dark and turbulent reality-
Always and Always,
Futuristically Yours-  NeuZora