What happens when the past and the future trade places?

Commentary On The Reverse-self-letters

Elakkiya said, “Letters from future self? Best technique I’ve ever heard of. I know you can get guidance from your doppelgänger who’s already achieved what you’re after, and I usually just meditate upon it without putting down anything in writing. But this whole letter concept seems unique, and is probably the best technique to get guidance for those who aren’t so crazy about meditation. Cool.”

John said, “What an enormously creative idea you had to establish this blog and what interesting results you have produced by it! Bravo! Emerson was in his thirties when he finally started to make something really interesting happen in his day, and even though I am currently over fifty, I still kind of feel like there is still gonna be future me. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I’m glad Emerson still has the power to create invitation. John H.”

Zombievelyn said, “i really really like your letters. i talk to myself sometimes, but i don’t write it down. i should start though, ultimately one should be one’s own best friend. after all, we’re stuck with ourselves forever :) i shall keep reading.”

Kristen said, “Hi. I recently discovered this blog through a comment left on mine (the post was called “How To Blog”). I think it is a fantastic, creative, and interesting idea, one that both intrigued and challenged me. After reading several of the fantastic letters written already, I decided to write a letter of my own. After completing the letter, I was wondering what steps I should take to become an author or to just have the one letter published. So, can you please inform me of the steps I should take? Is there an application to fill out? Is there an editing process? Please get back to me as soon as you can.

Presently Yours,


Laconfide said, “Great list, Trista! There are a few things on here I’d like to become, too, such as more organized and knowing exactly what I want.

But a couple of things like soft-hearted and sensitive…I don’t think they are bad…Sometimes I worry about people going toward extremes instead of finding balance, or trying to be someone they aren’t.

You know who you are/were/want to be/become, so I applaud you and wish you the best on your journey!”

Frommyheart2urs said, “You made me almost want to watch basketball, lol. I am learning how not to get attached or better yet detach from people, things, and situations that just aren’t good for me. Thanks for this letter. I really do love this concept. Makes me wish I had thought of it first. :-)

Angelica L. Wilson said, “This whole concept is very interesting!!!! I’m going to give it a try myself!!!

Claire said, “I love the site, what a fantastic idea. I think I might have to give this a go.”

Omar said, “Hello Harnew. I think your concept is pretty interesting. For you to objectively write about yourself could be really difficult for some. I applaud you.”

Elizabooks said, “I wasn’t sure what to think of futuristically yours at first and then I started reading it more and more. Wonderful concept. I do it too by going back and telling my past self that I will indeed get past this painful point. I just have to hold on.”

Dash said, “This is quite embarrassing, but I (just) realized who you are writing to and from. This takes the letters concept to an entirely new level to me and I want to tell you thank you for this one specifically.”

Arilwinn said, “Hey this is great!! I really love the voice of this!! I wanted to stand up and clap for you! Well done!! well done! :}”

Martyn said, “Take off Opportunity’s mask … haha it’s you!”

“This line made me laugh. It’s soo true though.

There are some really good quotes and advice on this site already. Love the concept of writing to yourself as if you were in the future already, looking back at the moment and giving the best advice to move on or make progress. Really look forward to reading more.

Keep it up.”

Thewholeworldswrong said, “very interesting you find my week old blog and i get turned on by your already very established, brilliant blog… what a concept! how many times do we say , “if i only knew now what i knew then…” i find this post particularly interesting, being that I just saw “the social network” for the first time about a week ago and was equally inspired.. not to mention one like 50 cent, a most unsuspecting candidate for motivation… but yet one damn intelligent business man! i look forward to reading more of your thoughts and already feel like blogging was a good idea for me to get into b/c had i not, i would have never gotten to see this, which i find is a great idea to apply to my own life.. thank you!”

Irregular One said, “I really like how blunt your letters are. Even though you’re writing to yourself, it kind of feels like you’re writing it to me too. And that’s great, because we’re all really the same. If you need to be told something, I probably need to be reminded too.”

Carla Allen said, “Thanks much. I will do just that. I am actually stealing time from work so I am gonna get back to my duties and read later when I can be more thorough. Your idea to write to yourself from the future is really therapeutic. I was feeling really down yesterday when I wrote mines and as soon as I finished I felt better.  So thanks a lot for sharing your idea with others and actually allowing us to post to your blog. Epic indeed.”

Virtual Diva said, “LOVE the concept. You have put what I call “conversations with myself” out in the open for everyone. It’s blunt and raw…it’s genuine and real. I can’t wait to read your future posts.”

Muffled Expressions said, “I also really like your blog! I “liked” it through stumbleupon and I think it’s the kind of blog that so many people can benefit from. Great concept!”

Start A Blog About said, “Thanks for the encouragement. By the way, your blog is the kind of originality I like to see in the blogging universe!”

Sexual Life Of A Wife said “I had a late night, so couldn’t ‘get it’ when I first read through – but on second reading and abit more awake it’s a great concept! Look forward to reading further posts…”

Ruby Tuesday said “I don’t know where best to add my comment, so this will have to do.

I just wanted to tell you how much I love the concept here, it’s delightfully intriguing, and fascinatingly creative. I’ll have to return and do some more exploring when I find a moment to come up for air.

Also, thank you for the comment. It was kind and encouraging – and surprising! It’s rare that you have someone comment on your blog before the co-founder even knows it’s up and running. :D

All the best to you.

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