You Won’t Like Me When I’m Angry

Angry Talk (Comic Style)
Bleep! Bleep! Bleep!

Dear Har-old,

Only girls are cute when they’re upset. You have a penis. Har-old, no one likes you when you are angry. You know why? Because it is out of proportion to what occasioned it. You are too uptight! You take things too personal, too seriously (so sensitive to slight that it becomes comical), and you exaggerate the hurt or insult.

And you know where that comes from?

Holding grudges!

How many times have you got mad at your grandma in the todays and thought about the yesterdays she borrowed your five dollars without your permission?

How many times have you got mad at your mother in the todays and thought about the yesterdays of letting her borrow $180 and she showed reluctance in paying you back?

How many times have you got mad at your father in the todays and thought about the yesterdays of him missing birthdays?

How many times have you got mad at ‘Era in the todays and thought about yesterday’s “dog” incident?

Forgive and forget. That’s the end of that right? Forgiveness is the highest ceiling, right? Not quite. Har-old, master your emotions and truly love that person. Try it. New thinking!

Know the phrase, “I forgot why I was mad.” When you are angry switch and occupy your mind with a subject of interest for five minutes.

Put your headphones in your ear, listen to Max B and sing.

Your Billion Dollar Library is 24 books and counting; 17 of which you haven’t read yet.

Think of scenes from The Social Network. Watch the trailer over and over and over.

Create a 5 minute on-demand mind-video of your winning moments! You can also think of me; play out future arms-raising, chest-hitting moments.

Transmute that negative energy into creative effort. Work on a mock Yeebizan.

Don’t let the cork of bottled up anger put an eye out!

As Buddha said, “Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.”

Futuristically yours,



In With the NEW out with the OLD

Dear Trista,

Today will be the day you meet me. I will be your guide on this wild journey into becoming the woman you’ve always wanted to be…because I am already there. This site will be the main source of where you get your steps from in order to become something other than who you are now. So in detail, I will now write what you need to change:

-timid to lively

-indecisive to knowing exactly what you want

-Fearful of change to accepting and growing with change

-co-dependent to  interdependent

unorganized to Organized

-rule follower to Risk Taker

-lazy to Fitness Nut

– Negative chaotic thought patterns to  Positive Zen-like mentality pattern.

– Follower to Leader

not content with what you have to being happy to have what you have.

Old lady style to  Chameleon

sensitive to Thick skinned

-Easily Embarrassed to  Easy come Easy go

soft-hearted to warrior woman

-impatient to a high tolerance for time

Somethings on this list you switch up when you feel like you’re not doing the right thing, so you have the right idea…its just you need to apply them in a routine. Instead of waiting for someone to make up something to do, you should already know what you want to do. Also, don’t apply  Murphy’s Law in every single thought of the day; keep the small things small and don’t be afraid to make your own roads in this life.

Futuristically yours,



The Son She Never Had

Dear Har-old,

What is the one positive about Betty & Co. moving in? You know how life will be if you lived with them full-time. Remember it’s only been 6 months. Believe it or not. But imagine years. Years of getting swords pulled out on you! Years of putting up with Betty’s attitude! Years of arguing with Jalisha and Christina’s baby daddies! Years of babies crying and disturbing you from working! Years of disagreements, fights, and petty squabbles! Years of paranoia surrounding someone touching and stealing your possessions! YEARS! If you take anything away from these past six months, let it be appreciation for your grandma taking you in when you was a baby and raising you. You are the son she never had!

Futuristically yours,


You Need To Go On A Clutter Diet

Dear Shae,

Clutter surrounds you in every aspect of your life. From your crazy unorganized scattered thoughts to your crazy and disturbingly unorganized personal quarters. You have begun to take notice of how your clutter hinders you. You stand there shocked because you never considered it cluttered before, but more as a “convenient personal expression.” Man, you’ve got quite a bit of it and made great use of it too. You sit and ponder that now, and want to stop sitting. You get up, look around, move some stuff and sit back down one hour later, look up, things look the same. That is not removing clutter, it’s called moving stuff around. You have a goal, but can’t seem to get things done as fast as you should. What’s the problem? Well let’s sit back and take a look. You are still developing your own sense of organization and time management without having any previous understanding (consistent application) of these two increasingly vital aspects. You notice how behind you must seem to others, well sorry if they feel that way but that’s EXACTLY WHY you have work to do. Free time has come to you in abundance and everyone is looking forward to seeing more of you. Where are you? Researching those random questions  about your new interest on the net? No, maybe this time you decided to exercise the rest of the day instead of tackle the mass of clutter in your life. Girl, YOU HAVE GOT TO GET IT TOGETHER! What you are doing is running in a circle. You say, “I have to get everything together”…”I’m working on it,” but are you really? Do you consistently put forth an effort to make the needed changes before anything else? At the end of EVERYDAY do you feel like you have taken two steps forward?  Sorry, but I’m not very convinced when you say “umm…” so I have to interject. Your problem now is time management. You have things that are TOP PRIORITY and are first; then you have things that are HOBBIES nonetheless and are second. You need to start following this order! This is a key feature of mental organization. It is up to you how you’re going to spend your 24 hours. You have made your plans, so stick to them! So you started waking up early and looking to the “to-do” list, and that’s great! But what good is it when you have priorities to knock out and decide to go draw or work out instead? WTF?! That is not even smart Shae, not even sometimes. Yes its creative, yes its fun, but hey guess what, you can’t have fun just yet remember; it’s on that second list. At the end of the day, you still have to sit and tally those bananas. Tomorrow you will have more work to do because YOU DID NOT FOLLOW THROUGH with a priority. You will also have to disappoint those waiting on you to get it together.  You could stay stuck in your current cycle, not heed this warning and see what happens, but I’m sure you won’t do that. You’re a smart girl. Sometimes you just need to stop, listen to me, and be reminded of your priorities. Remain consistent in removing that clutter and then we can move on down the list.

Futuristically yours,

“The clouds you want to sit on”

The Waiting Game

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Dear Har-old,

Good things come to those who wait. And that is the problem. Because you know something good awards you for your patience, you develop the impatient desire of an eager beaver. If good things come to those who wait, the reverse is equal: Only bad things can come to those who are impatient. So, the trick, is to play The Waiting Game. You play The Waiting Game when you think the opposite of the phrase: Only bad things can come to those who wait. The next time you put yourself in a position testing your patience, think negative of the response, don’t expect nothing in return, then take your mind off the process of waiting with a nice distraction. Then when you are finally rewarded you will be pleasantly surprised.

Futuristically yours,


The Future You Is Telling The Present You To THANK The Past You

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Dear Har-old,

Because I am the future, foresight is the main “cheat” available to you.

The following will establish your foundation.

First. Learn to live with regrets. Not without. To regret is to learn something new. What you don’t know, learn about; what you do know, learn more about. Regret only cheats you when you beat yourself up over your research skills and when you try the impossible: change the past. Regret aids foresight because the past guides it. History repeats itself.

Second. Learn how to play chess. The best way to improve your ability to think ahead is to practice thinking ahead. Chess strategy consists of setting and achieving long-term goals during the game. Players take a chess approach to life too.

Third. Murphy’s Law. Anything that can go wrong will go wrong. Read and assimilate Law 29 in The 48 Laws of Power. Your transgression was not seeing it 3 hours away. You should’ve envisioned and planned your reaction to every possible worse case scenario inspired by Betty & Co. Because you didn’t put your reaction under control, you was left to improvise.  Five disagreements since you have been back; three of those had the potential for death or prison. Death or prison. DO NOT DIM ME! Now you have hindsight bias, shaking your head and saying, “I knew this was gone happen.” WELL, WHY THE HELL YOU LET IT HAPPEN?!

Your observance is the milestone of 30k. Your money is the root of evil. And that evil is a job you hated. So, if you let what you start with waste away, you will be right back in another job you hate. Let that motivate you! You are an ENTREPRENEUR! Nothing else! You didn’t know at the time but now you know why you consistently saved. So, the future you is telling the present you to THANK the past you. You are a lot closer to two billion with 30k than you are being broke. Your first 100k will be a bitch so work dog-gone hard, man. You’ve been stuck on 30k for too damn long. Since you don’t have income coming in, what you built can be easily demolished by little things such as food, bills, hygiene items, unexpected expenses, etc. Remember: It’s better to be in a by-choice situation than a by-force one. The world is yours!

Futuristically yours,