Passport Bear

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2 bears in love sitting in the grass enjoying nature

2 bears sitting on a bench enjoying nature

Bear with passport leaving his beloved

5,264 words. 27 pages. 5 scenes. Written in 3 days. Originally for 4 eyes only. 2nd best thing I’ve EVER written. Based on a true story. Fantasy/real. Love/hate. Funny/serious. Coming summertime 2015! Passport Bear for takeoff!!! #PURO

14 thoughts on “Passport Bear”

      1. U mean Passport Bear? U liked a post on my blog and when some does that as a courtesy I check out their blog and I liked your blog enough to comment & follow. Note: others have commented on this page as well so I’m confused here. ~bridgette


        1. They have, but I know how they found me. They were already following me. I don’t recall liking a post on your blog. Maybe it was a comment on someone else’s blog that you left. I haven’t been exploring outside the blogs I already follow.


          1. Lost 70 and 10 lbs away from my goal weight and I still like you blog. I didn’t mean to upset u but thank u 4 your kind words and your drawings are beautiful and your very talented. ~bridgette


    1. You should check out Canva (found out about them through WordPress. Subscribe to their daily posts). That’s where I designed them. Currently there are 3. They rotate randomly when you visit a new page. ๐Ÿปโœˆ๏ธ

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  1. A co-worker told me there’s a Build-A-Bear in my city. I plan on sometime this year taking me a $100 to the store and bringing Passport Bear to life. Furthermore, so inspired by Motivating Giraffe, I plan on creating a separate site for PB, doing inspirational posts and stories.


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