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Every adversity, every failure and every heartache carries with it the seed of an equivalent or a greater benefit.

Hill went on further to say, “Despite the benefits with which we may get from adversities and unpleasant experiences of every nature no one desires to meet with these experiences.”  Time to test Hill’s philosophy. What if you became the one who did desire to meet with such experiences? Har-old, what if you planned your “failures” as a way to gain wisdom? Hmmm? Plan to get caught. Start a fire. Of course!!! #MasterMind


If You Look Through Hole Of The Doughnut, You Will See The Hot Coffee That Spilled On My Lap

Dear Har-old,

What do you see in the picture to the right?

If you see the doughnut, you see the solution.

If you see the hole only, you see the problem.

As Napoleon Hill said,

The failures see the hole in the doughnut but don’t see the doughnut around the hole.

The successes see the hole also but they see the doughnut around the hole.

If you’re only seeing the hole, it’s time to start buying the creme-filled, Har-old. However, don’t buy ’em if you’re just gone punch out the hole with fear, doubt and disbelief.

If you can’t see the forest for the trees, just look down at the creme-filled doughnut trail I left you. It will lead you to my neck of the woods. In hindsight, you will kick yourself with the back of your foot. But this is Futuristically Yours, we’re about foresight, so, I want you to think ahead. Here’s what I mean …

Think about all the things you regret and get mad at yourself over but  still continue to do. Now the next time you’re in one of your “trying moments,” right before you give in, imagine you did it, then ask yourself: How do I feel? Obviously, you will not feel good. You don’t have to actually experience it to feel because your imagination is strong enough, kid.

Think first. Think ahead. Always. You’re already parts of me. When Har-old gets angry, it heightens Har+new’s resolve. Think about that!

Futuristically yours,


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Do Not Look Down!

Rope Knot Sculpture
Sculpture of a knot in a rope

Dear Har-old,

President Thomas Jefferson said, “When you reach the end of your rope, tie a knot in it and hang on.”

Because there is NO ground when you’re at the end of your rope.

No floor!

Lose your grip and fall forever.

Scary, isn’t it?

Pull yourself up.

Remember: Your strength comes from your struggles.

Before you know it, your feet will be where your hands was.

You’re an accomplice in your own frustration.

Think about it.

Har-old, you need a hobby…bad.

Something totally unrelated to the Yeebizan, reading and studying social media material, future planning and just everything you normally do.

You need something to take your mind off the things it’s ALWAYS on.

Your mind needs a break.

Maybe you need to start back playing video games. Or maybe, writing songs again. Maybe going out somewhere: park, club, museum, tour, a friend’s house, etc.

Or maybe you just need to create a “release” room where you can scream and break things. You know, jumping on couches, taking a hammer to the television set, punching walls, flipping tables, whatever!

Something totally unrelated will provide that much-needed fresh mind when you tackle work again.

Before you know it, your feet will be where your hands was-on the knot.

Futuristically yours,