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The 5 Secrets to Effective Prayer

Us yesterday:

Har-old-What you doing?

Har+new-Reading old poetry.

Har-old-Whose old poetry?

Har+new- … Ours.

Har-old-Oh yeah … anything catch your attention?

Har+new-Yeah, actually, this line from God Gave Me Style, “I have my best conversations with God. He’s a great listener.” This line made me think of the brilliant alternative to prayer you had a long time ago about how to better communicate with God. You remember it?


Har+new-About writing a letter to God and putting it in the pocket of a dead person you’re sure going to heaven.


Har+new-Why you never tried that, man?

Har-old- *sighs* Didn’t know any saints.

Har+new-You still think about reaching him?


Har+new-The How Many Licks Does It Take To Get To The Center Of A Tootsie Pop Owl. Who you think? God, man.

Har-old-Sometimes. But I don’t really believe in …

Har+new-… prayer. Just because God didn’t answer your prayer about Tomika do not mean prayer doesn’t work. Come here, sit. I’m gone teach you a new way to pray. It’s creative. It’s innovative. And most importantly, it’s effective. Okay …

One, body language. Do not get on your hands and knees. That is a beggar’s position. Sometimes the words coming out of people’s mouth doesn’t match their body language, but, in most prayers, they do. I’m talking prayers that consist of empty, begging, meaningless words. People who whine and beg God to assume responsibility for all their troubles and provide them with all the necessities and luxuries of life are too lazy to create what they want and translate it into existence through the power of their own minds. When you hear a person praying for something that he should procure through his own efforts, you may be sure you are listening to a drifter. Body language is 55% of communication. I didn’t kneel when I asked Now Wife to marry me. Why? Because I don’t beg someone to take half of my shit, possibly. Do not get on your hands and knees for no one. No one!

Two, imagery. You were created in God’s image, therefore, look in the mirror when you pray. You like that one, don’t you? Ah, there’s a catch though. You have to do it … with your eyes closed. Picture your ideal-self … in motion!


If You Look Through Hole Of The Doughnut, You Will See The Hot Coffee That Spilled On My Lap

Dear Har-old,

What do you see in the picture to the right?

If you see the doughnut, you see the solution.

If you see the hole only, you see the problem.

As Napoleon Hill said,

The failures see the hole in the doughnut but don’t see the doughnut around the hole.

The successes see the hole also but they see the doughnut around the hole.

If you’re only seeing the hole, it’s time to start buying the creme-filled, Har-old. However, don’t buy ’em if you’re just gone punch out the hole with fear, doubt and disbelief.

If you can’t see the forest for the trees, just look down at the creme-filled doughnut trail I left you. It will lead you to my neck of the woods. In hindsight, you will kick yourself with the back of your foot. But this is Futuristically Yours, we’re about foresight, so, I want you to think ahead. Here’s what I mean …

Think about all the things you regret and get mad at yourself over but  still continue to do. Now the next time you’re in one of your “trying moments,” right before you give in, imagine you did it, then ask yourself: How do I feel? Obviously, you will not feel good. You don’t have to actually experience it to feel because your imagination is strong enough, kid.

Think first. Think ahead. Always. You’re already parts of me. When Har-old gets angry, it heightens Har+new’s resolve. Think about that!

Futuristically yours,


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Take A Leap Of Faith

Dear Trista,

You have it in you to produce extraordinary results, so quit putting yourself second place at the race!!!  People feed off of your careless attitude when you strive to reach your goals, they are your cheerleaders beckoning you to win whilst the haters . . . are haters. If you have them then you must be doing something right.

Take a look at your little brother! He’s in ROTC and you are still back in the college saying that you’re going to join the military because you are waiting on a so-called bachelors degree to be an officer? Bullshit! I call total bullshit whether it’s a good idea or not. You should’ve been willing to take up on the offer when the pie was being served . . .so for now you can get away with that bullshit answer, but later when you have it . . . are you going to take that leap? The leap that will define your whole life and judge you based on your fears. Will this fear be the one that you’ve been dreaming of the whole time you’ve been making plans for it? Or will it be the one to your deathbed praying for more life?

I’d like to think it be your deathbed because there’s no time to waste in this life and you’ve made a decision. People don’t even get that far sometimes, so feel blessed with the presence of your spiritual leader guiding you in the right direction.


Knock ’em dead today. Get shit done!



The Wisdom Of Pain

My Dearest Aezora,

In this letter I write to convey wisdom to the sorrow you feel under the circumstances-

You should know it is not your fault- you could have done… nothing to change the situation…no way to void it-

I know the pain is great…but all will move on…the pain will never pass…never truly go away…but in time you will become numb to it-

The loss felt, in reality, is for the best in honesty and will strengthen your bond with your own self in morals and ethics…though  your trust in both is now shattered-

Do not allow the pain…the feelings to overwhelm who you are-

Do not allow them to consume you-

Do not be afraid to cry-

I understand the hate you hold within you is great-

You must release it…Forgive him if not for him…for yourself-

It is the only way you will be able to move on..the only way to even begin to heal-

Trust is such a fragile emotion…like glass…easily broken…not so easily restored to its former glory and beauty-

Give yourself time-

You will heal…your faith restored-

Nichiren Daishonen gave the best advice when he said…” Never let life’s hardships disturb you…no one can avoid problems, not even saints or sages. “

Remember…you are the weed…and you are stronger than you think…and appear to be-

Always and Always,

Futuristically Yours,