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Chicken Sexer

Raw chicken
Or a white couple on a mission
The drumsticks are her legs wrapped around his waist
As if she’s trying to keep his pants on, haha, too little, too late

The bottom where the cockerel at
Because in 4 minutes the bun in the oven taking the top rack
The oven window fogged up
Opening the door will get ya hot and bothered

Roast chicken
Or a black couple in position
The wings are her arms wrapped around his back
The nails dig in when it’s time to eat, fruit roll-up tongue looking like a snack

Somebody done ate too much
Now you gotta unbutt, unbutt, unbutt
Somebody took many many licks
Now you gotta unzip, unzip, unzip
Somebody had too much sauce
Why don’t you just take your pants off, off, off

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King Pen Since Then 

Before I went into airplane mode
Before I went into airplane mode

Before I had paper. Before I had pen.

I wrapped clouds around my finger. Cotton candy on a stick.
That’s where the habit of me wetting the tip of a pen before I started writing originated.

The sky was my canvas. How I pulled words out of thin air.

My eraser? The wind can be so dramatic. Always a huffing and a puffing when I make mistakes.

But the sun was like a chandelier. It highlights everything great.

I never landed on the moon, but I have rode pass it on my bicycle.

I was caught between a rock and a hard place like E.T.

But when I saw trees covered in toilet paper I knew I made it home.

I put my foot in the door and left it there for an hour before I walked inside.

Yes! Yes! Yes!

I see little yes in the hallway. Big yes in the kitchen. Yes men in the living room.

I know. I know. Some dads go to the store and never come back. But don’t call it a comeback. I’ve been here for years.

It’s just my mind that likes to disappear.



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Why Women Won’t Rescue You From Fantasy Island

Dear Har-old,

American artist Andy Warhol said, “Fantasy love is much better than reality love. Never doing it is very exciting. The most exciting attractions are between two opposites that never meet.”

You’re stuck on this deserted island.

A number of helicopters have flown by you.

Your jumps aren’t high enough.

Your screams aren’t loud enough.

Your hand-waving isn’t violent enough.

The wind has blown away every smoke signal.

The sound of an upcoming helicopter is music to your ears.

But you don’t even attempt to get its attention.

You accept your role as an ant.

But with your pair of binoculars you try to see who is in the helicopter:


As you put down your binoculars, bras land on the top of your head, panties at your feet.

It is freaking raining clothes!

They not only seen you this WHOLE TIME but now they are teasing you.

Think like women: Play to people’s fantasies.

The physical hinders the power of fantasy.

And if you do let them come close enough to touch your skin, they should comment, “Wow feels almost life-like.”

The key to fantasy is distance.

Promise the moon but never let them land on it.

Futuristically yours,