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Last Seen Wearing (I Miss You)


If you miss somebody
I want you to go shopping
And buy the thing
They was last seen, wearing
Then come back home
(Comeback comeback comeback)
And throw the clothes on the floor
On hands and knees like it hurt to stand
Crawling crying let your tears stain their shirt and pants
If you do this at the right time, while they somewhere naked
They’ll appear in the outfit like magic

It didn’t work for me so I went back to the store
Now it’s a mountain of clothes on my floor
I see a face but it’s more Rushmore than flesh
She don’t miss me back I guess
(I guess I guess)
I’m optimistic
Bad timing or can’t remember if
She had any of this on
They nightmared my dream girl while I was saying the alphabet backwards
Stuck on Z’s
Welcoming memories
Love not coming back home
Love sleep naked last seen wearing skin and bones