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How I Became Homeless (The Crack Story)

Based on true story


Maurice – If you love me, you will do it.
Vicki – … Okay.
Maurice – Here.
Vicki – *smokes the crack*

3 weeks later …

ACS – We have a report that you’ve been selling drugs from your apartment.
Vicki – What?! I’ve never sold drugs!
ACS – Well, are you buying them?
Vicki – Okay, I’m getting high, but I never sold drugs!
ACS – Do you have somewhere for your children to go? They can’t stay here!
Vicki – No, I don’t.
ACS – Well, they will have to live with a foster family.
Vicki – Noooooooo!

9 weeks later …

Agent – Alright! Time’s up!
Maurice – Come on, man! Let us get like 10 more minutes with our kids.
Agent – Time’s up! Sorry.
Vicki – We can only see them once a week. Give us some more time. Please!
Agent – I’m sorry!
Foster Dad – *pulls Maurice to side and whispers* That 12 year old daughter of yours … great piece of ass!
Maurice – *swings at Foster Dad*
Agent – Get off him! Stop! Call security! What the hell are you doing? Call security!
Maurice – Arrest this man! He’s molesting my damn daughter!
Foster Dad – You see what that crack has him doing? He’s violent! Keep him back.
Agent – Stay back, Maurice!
Foster Dad – I’m gonna teach your daughter how to be a real woman! *winks at Maurice*

3 days later …

TV Commercial – It’s 10PM. Do you know where your children are?
Maurice – *thinks of the foster family home* Change the channel, baby. You know what, I don’t wanna watch tv anymore. Wanna get high?
Vicki – I thought you would never ask.

Later that night …

Maurice – Noooooo!
Vicki – Baby, wake up! You’re having a nightmare!
Maurice – I gotta get my babies back!

15 months later …

Vicki – What’s wrong with my key? *knocks on door*
Maurice – *opens door* Hey.
Vicki – *tries to put foot in door*
Maurice – *blocks foot*
Vicki – What are you doing? Let me in!

*kids in the background playing*

Vicki – Oh my God! Am I hearing things or is that junior I hear laughing?
Maurice – … Yes.
Vicki – You got our kids back??? Oh my God! What did you do? You took them?
Maurice – I have a secret.
Vicki – I won’t tell you took them. Let me in. I wanna see my babies!
Maurice – I can’t, Vicki. Listen.
Vicki – What???
Maurice – I have secretly been attending a residential drug prevention program and I graduated 2 weeks ago.
Vicki – Why you never told me this????
Maurice – Because I thought I would fail anyway so it didn’t make sense to. Somehow, I got over my crack addition and …
Vicki – And what???
Maurice – They gave me back custody of the kids.
Vicki – Yesssss! Oh my God! Oh my God! Yesssss! Let me see my babies! *puts foot in door*
Maurice – *blocks foot* Me!
Vicki – You, what?
Maurice – The case workers don’t want you around the kids. You’re still addicted to crack.
Vicki – What?!
Maurice – I changed the locks. I have to kick you out.
Vicki – What?!
Maurice – They’re forcing me to! They said if I let you around the kids, they will go back to that foster family. They probably got someone watching the house. Cameras or something. You have to leave. Now!
Vicki – You’re the fucking reason why I’m on crack in the first place. I can’t get off of it. I’m addicted. YOU DID THIS TO ME!!! How could you??? *cries* Let me in this damn house, Maurice. Let me see my babies! Please! If you love me, you will do it! Remember that?
Maurice – I do! But I’m not in love with THIS you! *slams door in her face*