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Sims 4 Apartment Tour

Outside of my building

Living Room

Computer Area



1 of 3 of our bedrooms


Doggie Area

Taking “Muffin” out for a walk.

Pool Room



My son’s bedroom

My daughter’s bedroom. Have to redecorate since you aged up.


Upstairs bathroom.

Me and my wife’s bedroom.

Sims 4 Small Business Saturday

This is the first time I built something in the Sims 4. Since it’s Small Business Saturday I wanted to build a retail store. I modeled it after the Apple Store. Does my Sims clothing look familiar?  This was really time-consuming, and I didn’t even furnish it yet. Here are the results:

Tents are on both sides of the building for Black Friday and Small Business Saturday. 

I put a food stall and bench in the back of the store.

Glass Ceiling (technically its nothing right there at all lol)

Store looks small, doesn’t it?

Until you realize it’s an underground store.

There will be four sections. One will be for kids.

Time to go.

9 Places Where The Season Is Always Summer

Aren’t you tired of people breaking the ice with you with, “Nice weather we’re having, eh?” Don’t you want someone to leave a lasting first impression on you by just getting to the doggone point? “I wanna woohoo with you.” “I want your simoleons.” “I want to drown you in a swimming pool.” “I want to get far as away from you as humanely possible without encountering a loading screen.”  Well, maybe you need to move somewhere it’s one season all year-long. Sure, you’ve heard about places like Saudi Arabia or Africa  where the weather for the most part is sunny year-round, but here are 9 places you probably haven’t heard about where the season is always June 21st to September 22nd:


Magnolia Promenade

A world made just for entrepreneurs. Just don’t come here wearing a turtleneck or you will fall out from heat exhaustion and put a dent in the universe.

Forgotten Hollow

Although, this place is just as hot as Magnolia Promenade you definitely want to wear a turtleneck here.

Sand My Shoe, No?

No, you do not see fog when you look out your window in the morning. Remember those loud neighbors from last night? Yeah, them! They’re awake and “blowing bubbles.”


You want to build a house or restaurant without construction being delayed by rain sleet snow or hail? This is the place for you.

Willow Creek

You will see Bigfoot here before you see leaves change colors.


It’s so hot here they installed fans outside.

Oasis Springs

Don’t let the last name fool you. It’s so hot here it should be called Oasis Summers. It’s the desert for crying out-loud. Oooh, yeah, cry ’cause the Caliente household could use the water and some tears that don’t belong to Katrina when Don flirts with Dina or Nina.

Granite Falls

Remember those loud neighbors? This is where they found those herbs. Shhshhshh.

Brindleton Bay

When it does rain it rains cats and dogs.

And one more thing … I know you spent a lot of money re-locating here and I hate to ask you to spend another penny, but if you truly want to get the best out of these places you need to spend $10 for ice cream, $10 for a waterslide, $10 for a hot tub and $10 for a climbing wall to work off that ice cream, okay?