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100K away from 1 million views

My YouTube channel is 97K away from 6 zeros. I’m projected to hit that by month’s end. My ambitious goal for my birthday and a present to myself is 10K subs. I’m like 8,700 subs behind. It’s ambitious but then again it’s not. I have preached time and time again ALL YOU NEED IS ONE. You only have to be right one time and you set for life. You can and you will fail hundreds and thousands of time but if, and that’s a big if, you don’t give up, you will make it. Notice I just said hundreds and thousands. That’s for those persistent enough to keep going because the average person won’t allow themselves to keep failing that many times without giving up and giving in. They fail 2 times and it’s a wrap. I know what you’re thinking: Why do I have to fail even a 100 times? Can’t I just study what I did wrong and correct them and make it? Yes you can! These are merely examples and I have Thomas Edison in mind. Furthermore, I’m not talking small. I’m popping big shit. This ain’t you want a 9 to 5, a spouse, white picket fence, 3 kids type shit. I’m talking bucking tradition and fighting norms. So you you fail more than usual because most of what we do involves pleasing others. Anyway, I just went off-topic. Let me get back on.

Because of real life things, my momentum on my YT channel has slowed down. It’s the 9th and I only have one video this month. I put out 12 last month. I did somewhere near 300K alone last month. If I were to do away with my ambition and project the likely outcome of where I will be by my birthday then I will have over 2K subs and over a million channel views.

Here is some exciting news that inspired me. One of my peers in the YouTube world just went from 2.5 thousand subs to 13K in less than a week due to his video going viral with 1 million views. That video is only 27 seconds long. Now you see why I feel like me getting to 10K by the end of May is realistic. He also gave me an idea about how I can exploit my poetry on YouTube. I’m going to grow this channel and probably start a second one with different content. One of the main reasons is because this main channel most likely won’t be eligible for monetization based off YT’s partner policy concerning “reused content.” That’s okay! There are other ways of making money on YouTube which I’ve been researching once I realized this.

4/21: Big YouTube Update Regarding Numbers

My channel as a whole recently passed the 500K mark. My highest viewed video just passed the 300K mark. A video I put out a week ago passed the 50K mark. A video I put out not even 24 hours ago is already at 4K. I literally just dropped another video about 2 mins ago that I project to also do well. If you haven’t seen my last post (probably temporarily up), my YouTube channel has surpassed the numbers of followers I have on WordPress.